Inherent Risks and Disclaimers

This is no legal advice. Below we do our best to draw attention
to some general risks involved in trading tokens. However, each jurisdiction

Tokens can not be converted into their underlying assets

Token holders are not entitled to any claim to reference assets. Burn and mint events are only executed according to internal framework policies, not exercising or allowing for conversion. Underlying assets should be understood as evidence of financial capacity and hedge, never as a executable guarantee.

Tokens do not represent equity investment

Tokens are not equity nor any form of interest in reference assets capital. Equity investment should be done by means of regulated entities and means. If you are looking for investing capital please seek original market broker or exchange, set a custody and clearing registration, and arrange for the adequate capital or financial transfereces.

Tokens do not carry ownership rights

Tokens are never registered as a direct interest in reference asset corporate books. Tokens do not allow holder to vote, be informed of, entitled of rights or any sort of entitlement toward underlying asset companies or funds.

Price of tokens may differ from the underlying asset

PET Tokens framework is designed to provide economic incentives that should converge tokent price to similar investment at reference asset. Economic incentives are not solid gear that transmit economic signals instantaneously. Intradaily prices will show time lapse to reach convergence, In longer periods effects such as dividends, rights, and fund costs may bring cumulative difference if price is considered isolatedly.

Lost private keys can not be recovered

Blockchain give holders several options in terms of custody. BE VERY CAREFUL with custody you opt. Be it a third party, centralized, hardware, self stored - do your research, double check, triple check your custodian methods. There is no possibility to regain control of token balances if not by means of private keys.

Tokens are not fixed income

There is not an expected outcome, yield or revenue drawn from token. Any attempt to lock a fixed repurchase or future price of tokens is wrong


All participants agree at every interaction with PET Tokens smart contracts to limit our liability to loss or damage caused directly and reasonably by trade or holding of tokens.
Among cases that are examples of cases PET tokens should NOT be liable for:

  • Losses of profits or loss of expected yield.
  • Loss on anticipated trading profits or revenue.
  • Damage to goodwill, reputation, business opportunities, or businesses consequences.
  • Loss or damage incurring from use of hardware or software.
  • Corruption, leak, or inaccuracy of data.


All participants agree to indemnify us, our representatives and service providers in respect to any costs that have been reasonably incurred in relation to claims or damages we have to procure from their actions.

Market risks

Underlying Asset Performance
Underlying assets are the drive of Market Makers’ economic incentive and capacity to perform. This reflects in a previously agreed and publicly available reference price. This price reflect in expected support activity by Market Makers. It does NOT, however, guarantees immediate and necessary adherence form token to asset price. On the contrary: even as we work hard to make such differences as short and small as possible, it is a certainty that there will be price and performance differences on the token and underlying market prices.

Corporate Actions
Reference prices used to guide Market Maker activities are calculated in the form of a total return index. This means that corporate actions are as much as possible be evaluated as an objective addition and reinvestment in the portfolio. Our guidance for this will be the general rules applied by similar indexes from underlying asset source market.

Currency risk
Underlying assets used as index reference to tokens are originally nominated in source currency terms. In any case that quotes are made in a different currency there are exposure to exchange rate oscilations.

Cryptocurrency risks
On top of underlying asset performance, tokens carry risks of their own. Any token trading in cryptocurrency pairs may reflect an exponential volatility and uncertainty in terms of risk, performance and liquidity.

When communicating about asset and market environment we may refer to market performance and behaviour. Such benchmark should be considered for illustrative purpose alone, never for any performance expectation.

Not a Valuation
Values stated in the website, app and other media in terms of reference, index, support and other should not be used as a valuation of the asset nor indication of performance.

In all circumstances, PET Tokens stresses the fact that before any trade, transference, custody, account settings and all operations related to tokens should be done after carefull research by yourself. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.


As a technology based on cryptography and code, blockchain networks keep a certain experimental aspect. As code accumulate layers of interactions unexplored bugs and hacks may be eventually found. As cryptography present ‘very difficult’ solutions, computation capability and even massive brute force attacks can in theory jeopardize the probability of failure with serious consequences.

Internet availability
Negotiation and communication involved in PET Tokens framework rely on internet. As much as we take it as staple medium, one should acknowledge that eventual lack of access to the internet compromises holders ability to transact and keep expected market behaviour.

PET Tokens is not responsible for hacking activity targeting holders, exchanges, and any participant of the framework in the event of hardware, software or social hacking.

Smart contract codes are publicly available for revision. We encourage users to revise and present any security issues found in the codes. Interaction with the smart contract implicitly agrees and abide holders and participants to the consequences of code behaviour.

Unforeseeable developments
Be it hardware, technological or organizational development may bring unexpected consequences to how the proposed framework works. We urge holders to take in consideration and stress the fact that a continuous holding, as any new interaction, represents a continuous validation by users and exemption of PET Tokens liability to such consequences.


Underlying Asset
Failure or improper custody of underlying assets is expected to put at risk the financial capacity of Market Makers and hence the soundness of the framework. In such circumstances tokens may suffer a considerable or total loss in trade value.

Underlying assets custody is provided by regulated entities at original markets. As such, it is possible that regulation change or ruling undermine custodian capacity or permission to keep underlying assets under custody. Again, such scenario could reflect in considerable or total loss in trade value.

Crypto custody
Blockchain allows holders to have an unprecedented level of autonomy in their holdings. You can actually be solely responsible for the custody and movement of your assets.


PET Tokens do no vouch or is responsible for loss of tokens or values related to credit or custody problems in crypto or fiat exchanges even in the event entities are holding tokens.

PET Tokens cannot be responsible for damage brought by hackers activity in exchanges. . And PET Tokens should not be responsible for blacklisting, warning or be considered information authority for hack alerts of any kind.

As in the case of our own smart contracts, many exchanges rely on smart contracts to operate. Codes should be revised as routinely as possible and any interaction should be considered directly as holders approval of relevant code, not PET Tokens responsibility.

PET Tokens does not commit to follow, implement, adhere or even promote blacklisting. As per our policy guidance we always take holders interest first, so we reserve our right to evaluate any balcklisting by its own merit and evaluate the convenience of such action for the framework as a whole.

Legal Aspects


Eligibility to trade or hold tokens depends on your legal status in the country in which you reside. It is imperative that any use or reproduction of information material on this website be done exclusively if you are legally considered a fully capable, autonomous and not under age of majority for civil and criminal responsibility.

Any action taken in relation to this website/app, information provided, trading and holding activity of tokens must be exclusively performed by people authorized to do so according to corporation bylaws and relevant legal environment.


Holding, trading and interacting with tokens should be considered in light of your financial liquidity, other investments, long-term objectives, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, potential liquidity needs and other aspects of each financial situation.

Trading and holding tokens should be carried only in the context of carefully and responsibly verification of information of market conditions, soundness of data and balanced by each one’s investor experience and awareness.


Be smart: pay your taxes
PET Tokens is not responsible for tax advice. At no extent we are co-responsive for tax collection, payment or calculation; tax status vary from country to country and in most cases present considerable variation within different status within the same regulatory environment. There are multiple ways in which other investments, past losses or other source of profits may impact taxation.
PET Tokens recommend each holder to verify, seek legal support and do its utmost effort to comply with tax authorities in the country they reside in. Furthermore, we remind participants that markets work better when all are fulfilling its full responsibilities before the law.

Dishonest Trading Activities

Save yourself the trouble - don’t try it
Dishonest trading practices such as money laundering, fraudulent documentation, insider trading, front-running, misleading information, market manipulation are not beneficial to fair markets. We are not an exchange nor trading platform and not responsible for regulating or supervising market activity, but we advise against doing any bad practice.

Whistle blowing and red-flagging
PET Tokens is not responsible for monitoring or fiscalizing market activity. Participants and broader community may act in drawing attention to suspicious activity at their own discretion.

Copyright and Trademark

On PET Tokens material
Any commercial use or exploit of PET tokens logo, pettokens,com,, information from website or app is expressly prohibited without our consent.