Digital Currency for Real World Economy

Your wallet

Digital cash, safe, and easy to access in multiple platforms.


Stable value, convertible in Stellar and Ethereum networks.

Your business

Digital environment brings new possibilities and makes online business more efficient.

More data, less friction

Real Virtual allows a business intelligence layer integrated in transactions.

Global connection through Stellar Network

Stellar global network connecting people to financial and payments industries.


Real Virtual is fully backed by cash deposits anyone can verify online.


Thomaz Teixeira

Thomaz core interest is multidisciplinary synergy; working on in ternational crossborder execution for 20 years. How regulation change and technology innovation merge into new mar ket opportunities is the core of what he’s up to. Thomaz applies a background in Economics and Philosophy to unders tand what cryptocurrencies can contribute to the world in terms of more efficient and fair finance.

Rodrigo Batista

Founder and Chairman of Mercado Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurre ncy exchange in Latin America. Has been working in crypto since 2012. Previously worked for Morgan Stanley and Braz ilian commodities Exchange. Graduated in business at USP.

Ronaldo Yamashita

Ronaldo Yamashita worked in several sectors of the IT industry, more recently as Fusion-io country manager. His experience involves cloud computing, storage systems, highly availa ble environments and machine learning.

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